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The Fear of Blogging

by Frank on December 28th, 2011

After much angst and soul searching, I must conclude that a natural talent for blogging is not something I possess. The advice I received when trying to promote my first novel all began some like “you need to sell yourself and the best way to do that is to start blogging.” Blogging about what? About anything that interests you. Why would I want to write about things that interest me for the sole sake of selling myself so that people will want to read my book? In truth, I’m sure there’s some good logic there. There are plenty of success stories of writers who’ve found readers by building and feeding popular blogs, but after reading some of those blogs, I sank deeper into despair. The writers of popular blogs obviously enjoy blogging–are able to share their feelings and insights in such a manner that readers truly take something positive away. I think that’s gift I don’t have. It would be pure work, like doing a term paper on a subject you dislike. And then there’s the time factor. Writers that write good blogs can probably shoot them off in no time at all. But I am a shy person. A shy person without much spare time. It’s never been easy to open up in front of strangers. If my books are ever going to be popular it will be because I worked my tail off to make them good. How can I justify taking time away from writing fiction or poetry to write a blog post that both feels unnatural and steals time from the work itself? All right, I’ll blog someday, but only after I’ve written several very fine works of fiction and feel like I’ve mastered the craft and am not just putting myself out there to try and sell myself. Let the Blogosphere be owned by those whose talents lie in that direction.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly!

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