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The Trouble with Twitter for Writers and Book Marketing

by Frank on February 24th, 2013

This Twitter really is a double edged sword for writers.  It stimulates and it enervates.   It entertains and it disgusts.  It reminds me of a big public restroom.  It has seats to perch upon for conversation or reflection, but below this lies a sink hole into which people drop their business in the form of “invitations” to check out their site, or to like them on Facebook, or suggestions that I might enjoy reading their latest, etc.  Many of these are blatantly whittled by professional marketers to plop out automatically in response to a “follow” request.  To switch metaphors, receiving one feels like a jab in the ribs by a mechanical finger.  I immediate loose all interest in the lazy bloke or blokette who engaged a clown to jump out in front of me with a sandwich board, as if their time is worth more than mine.

It’s been said many times and it’s very true: for Twitter to be an effective way of making contacts, one must give something real and personal in return.  Naked self-promotion is self-defeating.  Avoid auto-responses.  Visit the websites of people who offer to follow you, give them genuine feedback, thank everyone who follows you, share ideas and articles, retweet the good bits that others tweet.  Give of yourself, and maybe, once in a blue moon, someone will be interested enough to buy your work.

At any rate, expect to Fritter away a lot of time that might better be spent honing your craft.

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