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A blessed writing day

by Frank on March 24th, 2013

It’s Sunday, the second day of a 3 day stretch away from medical work. Devoted yesterday to catching up on red tape and doing the lion’s share of preparation for the lecture on Thursday. This morning I pretty much polished it off and now I can turn back to the novel, Bedside,despite some very substantial resistance on the part of my own laziness. I don’t know what it is but a psychological wall goes up. I pop up out of my chair, go move a guitar, dust a book shelf, swing back to the desk, pop back on the Internet, pay a bill, answer an email. And all the while time is slipping away. Well, I’ve reached the mid-afternoon point now and the sun is starting to swing way over to the west. I’m tired, listless, uninspired, feeling guilty, feeling overwhelmed by other responsibilities, putting off making important phone calls, delaying the inevitable. I guess this must just partly my way of passing time. Flitting about; a bit of focus here, a bit of focus there, almost like someone going out for a walk. Daydreaming. Dream walking. Avoiding. It has been said that during such times the subconscious is actually still working on the story. One would hope this to be true. Somebody needs to work on the damn thing. Mind peeling off in another direction now—a letter that needs to be written, which is a thing that gets harder to write every day I leave it be—then another: the taxes that need finishing.

Finally, the day today broke sunny and the temperature rose into the forties, if only briefly. What that matters I do not know. But I do know that there are times when we touch infinity, when even a few minutes is enough to do everything that’s important. We reach for those times when we write, do we not?

No, I will not reach now for the Google Chrome icon. Forget it, looser. You will write, or die. I will do the taxes tonight. Get that done and out of the way. I will write back to Paul and Royce, if briefly. I will make some progress on the residency application. I will call the residency program director in Syracuse tomorrow to try and get a thumbs-up to have our residents rotate there. I will try RGH too. That must be done tomorrow.
See how all this intrudes?
What would I do if I didn’t have these other chores?
Find substitutes, no doubt.
But I’m warmed up now and ready to write.

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