In addition to being an active writer of fiction and poetry, the author of the medical thriller Final Mercy is an active emergency physician who currently serves as Medical Director of Delphi Emergency Physicians.

His many years of medical practice have led Dr. Edwards to write nonfiction books and papers on medical issues, in particular two outstanding nonfiction publications, Medical Malpractice: Solving The Crisis and The M&M Files: Morbidity and Mortality Rounds in Emergency Medicine.

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“…in a highly descriptive, narrative style, the author examines the underlying causes of today’s malpractice crisis. His interpretations, ranging from an insurance industry conspiracy to frivolous lawsuits to the ‘few bad apples’ theory, make interesting reading.”

– Linda S. Karch, Library Journal, SUNY Buffalo

“How a physician is judged in retrospect is often subjective, rarely based on logic or evidence. This book provides a glimpse of the unwritten rules of the universe they practice in.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“A very readable book with lots of good points we could all use to remember.”

– Dr. Susan G. Van Pelt, Greenfield, Minnesota