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“A very readable book with lots of good points we could all use to remember.”

– Dr. Susan G. Van Pelt, Greenfield, Minnesota

“How a physician is judged in retrospect is often subjective, rarely based on logic or evidence. This book provides a glimpse of the unwritten rules of the universe they practice in.”

– Amazon Reviewer

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  1. You might consider posting a description of this book? I don’t really have a sense of what it’s about. Is it targeted mainly to physicians? Is it a controversial read about the unspoken rules that emergency room medicine lives by? Is it anecdotes about life on the ward? Or is it about the fear of death? I really have no clue.


    • Frank permalink

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jessica. I will work this in. In essence, the book presents a series of cases in the ED where things did not go as planned–mistakes, misjudgments, misses–designed to help emergency medicine providers avoid similar pitfalls.

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