Final Mercy

New Cover Design for the medical thriller Final MercyDr. Jack Forester, director of the New Canterbury University Hospital emergency department, is about to win an ongoing battle to modernize the Emergency Department when he’s stymied by the power-hungry dean, Bryson Witner.

Then someone tries to murder the former dean, Jack’s mentor, and makes it look like suicide.

Bit by bit, Jack uncovers facts that suggest several other recent tragic accidents may not have been in the least accidental.

The deeper he digs, the more riveting the suspense and danger, till the words “life or death” begins to take on a new and very personal meaning.

The first three chapters of Final Mercy is available online here as a PDF sampler.

This is one of the best books published in 2011…
— Gloria Wolk, Raleigh, NC


Castle Meets ER! The strength of Frank Edwards – Final Mercy – is his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of hospital administration back room politics and medical expertise that shines in this novel. With just enough details to give credibility to the medical issues presented without being over the top technically, Edwards strikes just the right balance in his narrative. The pace is leisurely at the beginning of the book leading the reader to conclude this is perhaps just a story of hospital politics. About half way through, however things pick up speed nicely and the depth of Winter as a character is revealed.

Edwards does an exceptionally good job showing how such a high intellect suffering from a bit of psychosis can be such a dangerous combination. Winter is the perfect manipulator playing chess with the lesser minds around him and Edwards conveys this prowess masterfully.

Overall, this reminded me of a nice mix of the television shows ER and Castle – good medical drama with murder mystery mixed in. This is a gem of a find and I urge readers to pick up a copy.
— Todd A. Fonseca, Minneapolis, MN


FINAL MERCY is a medical thriller that I couldn’t put down. I stayed up late on two consecutive nights in enthralled reading.  The novelist – who is a medical doctor — not only creates a tale of suspense and intrigue, but he also gives interesting details about hospitals and medical schools and emergency medicine.
— H. H. Gregory, Asheville, NC


Don’t buy this book unless you have some free time. You will not be able to put it down once you start it. It is a well-woven tale, and should be made into a film.
— Mark Forget,


Dr. Jack Forester, director of the New Canterbury University Hospital emergency department, is set to achieve something he’s been after for some time, the modernization the ER. However, he is suddenly blocked by the power-hungry acting medical school dean, Bryson Witner. When his mentor and the former dean arrives and says something is not quite right with the Medical Center someone tries to kill him, setting it up to look like suicide. Jack can’t believe it was a suicide attempt. With the help of beautiful journalist Zellie Andersen, little by little, Jack uncovers facts that suggest several other recent tragic accidental deaths just may not have been accidental after all. The deeper they dig, the more dangerous things become as a nightmare unfolds directly from the twisted mind of a mentally disturbed man. Somehow Jack must find a way to stop an evil plot before his old friend and mentor becomes the latest casualty.

FINAL MERCY is a superbly written medical thriller. The author, a medical doctor, has created a tale of suspense and intrigue, while providing an inside look at teaching hospitals, medical schools and emergency medicine. While the plot developed a little slowly, it didn’t take away from the overall excellence of the story. The reader will quickly identify with the characters, from the struggles of the overworked hospital staff to the egotistical department heads and other faculty members. As the action unfolds, the tension builds as the main characters are faced with ever increasing danger. All that and an exciting climax as well. Outstanding.
— “Reader’s Favorite”


Medical mayhem at its best!! Suspenseful with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I couldn’t put it down!
— Michael H. Mathieson


An excellent medical thriller – a real page-turner, with intelligence, wit, evocative settings and characters well worth getting to know. I will be looking for more from Dr. Edwards.
— Karen Johnson


…I was really interested in reading this novel when, after checking out Edwards’ webpage, I saw that he is also a poet. Many of you know I write fiction, but personally I think of myself as a poet first, a reader second, and a novelist third and last, so you can see why getting a look inside this book intrigued me.

Edwards’ knowledge and experience in the medical profession will be the first thing you notice when you start reading Final Mercy. He narrates his story in a way only someone familiar with the inner workings of a medical center could. His setting and background are solidly constructed and pull the reader in so immediately and fully you feel like you could be a part of the “office politics” at New Canterbury, but the third person narrative makes it easy to just be glad you aren’t.

It only took about two sentences for me to know I was going to like this book, the writing is that tight. Honestly, I’d almost forgotten that anyone still knew how to write like this. With natural, flowing dialogue, Edwards drops information in a steady stream of bait. And here is where I self-righteously attribute Edwards’ skill at this to being a poet–being practiced at saying a lot in a very few words. Edwards keeps a very active voice, and his style shows the reader the intricacies of his story instead of tells them, which creates a much deeper connection with the characters and, in my opinion, a more fulfilling read.

Final Mercy is an excellent, intelligent read I would recommend to anyone.

— Misty,


Definitely a book to recommend to friends!
— Valerie G. Aarne, Rochester, NY